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Quotes by Apostle najem


To stay spiritually healthy I suggest that you associate yourself only with people who have been with the Father.

The message of Jesus Christ is simple; we complicate it. He basically said, "Come to me the way you are and I will make you a better person."

We don't exercise control over people or things, but we are responsible to manage everything entrusted to us.

To be hungry for God is not enough. We must be starving for him. When the prodigal son became hungry he ate corn husks with pigs. But when he became desperate, starving, he went back to his Father.

The purpose of work is not to get financially fat, but so that we can bless others. We are called to be agents of transformation in this world.

Joy does not lead to peace; peace leads to joy.

We are given the right to rename circumstances.

You never experience real passion over anything in life unless you suffer for it.

It is one thing to come out of our stuff - but another to come out victorious.

God makes us grow up by giving us responsibilities.  We must do the same for our children.

Stewardship is the consecration of one's self and possessions to God's service.

We need to be a mega-influence, not a mega-church.

It takes a king to recognize a king.  The Magi went looking for a King while everyone else looked for a Savior.

There is a remnant in every church that will welcome a reformation.

You're not a church family until you are willing to be offended and get over it.

Culture is contagious.